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Android Operating System

                               This is fast growing operating  system  based  on Linux kernel designedfor touch screen mobile devices. Initially  developed  by  Android Inc,  based  in California,in 2003. later Google backed financially in 2005. The first publicly available smart phone   ( mobile device ) was October 22, 2008 (HTC Dream mobile device). Things changed in 2005,Google’s acquired Android Company to give the new birth to Android, that what we know now.


Android Operating System Structure


                               Java is the programming language of Android operation system, Most of the applications comes in Java and Linux platforms.


Is Android Free Software….???

                           This is the thing,. Google’s smart phone code is often described as “ Open or Free “ but when examined by the free Software foundation it start to look like something different. Android ver.1 and 2 was mostly developed by Google. Google relies it under the Apachi 2.0 license. And this is the free software but this code is not enough to run the device and…. Some of the applications that generally come with Android are non-free too. Most of the people simply Know that Linux is the base of the Android. But Android is quit different from the GNU/Linux operating system because it comes very little of GNU. Android is contains Linux bit it is not Linux, If we avoid starting from the confusion, the situation is simple. Android is contains Linux but not GNU. In finally Android is free for device makers not for the user. But it has some catches.  According to Android official blog, source code of the Honeycomb series (Android ver.3) was not released to the public because it was specifically created for tablet computers,







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