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Automatic Echo-link System




                     Automatic Echo-Link System

               From this section I ma going to introduce you something about the auto power controlling system for your Echo-Link, I think this is not necessary if your whole system running with the solar power or wind power source. But unfortunately on my Echo-Link system I use solar power and main power (100V) source switching system, Because the solar is  not enough to run the whole system for a hours of  times, I mean  the PC side also. For this case I wanted to reduce the useless power of my system, and the other thing is if you set out this Automatic Eco-Link system once you don't need to do power up and down your system everyday. well lets have a look.

What we need

   Software for control your PC for stand by to wake up mode    







 Interface circuit for your PC, D-sub (LPT) Port



    Pin "B" is almost ground, and Pin "A" better you select it your self for the proper selection to your computer mother board. There are some little differences with the maker of the PC around the world. For my work I use Pin No: 17 as "A". Try not to BURN you PC mother board, careful not make  short circuit.       

LPT Port Pin Data     

 25 Pin D-Sub Connector PinOut Pin # Pin Name Pin Description and Function
1 /STROBE Strobe
2 D0 Data Bit 0
3 D1 Data Bit 1
4 D2 Data Bit 2
5 D3 Data Bit 3
6 D4 Data Bit 4
7 D5 Data Bit 5
8 D6 Data Bit 6
9 D7 Data Bit 7
10 /ACK Acknowledge
11 BUSY Busy
12 PE Paper End
13 SEL Select
14 /AUTOFD Auto-feed
15 /ERROR Error
16 /INIT Initialize
17 /SELIN Select In
18 GND Strobe Ground
19 GND Data bit 1 and 2 Ground
20 GND Data bit 3 and 4 Ground
21 GND Data bit 5 and 6 Ground
22 GND Data bit 7 and 8 Ground
23 GND Busy and Fault Ground
24 GND Paper out, Select, and Acknowledge Ground
25 GND AutoFeed, Select input and Initialize Ground









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