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Automatic Echo-link System




                    eQSO For  PMR  Radio

   Here you can fallow the information about the eQSO software and  PMR ( Private Mobile Radio ). Mainly for the FREE Licenses Radios.

Software Line up. ソフトをダウンロードしましょ、

                   @)  PC Client

               @) RF Gateway

               @) Server

               @) Admin Tools


PC Client settings comes like this..... やりかた でーす。。

Settings for   Japan server " " and  " JAPAN" Room, other servers almost same and try your self.  ( But there are some password protected servers)

ジャパン Room だけのせっていになりますが ほかの Room でもやりかたは おなじでーす。。。 



1)  Comes for Server Address サーバー アドレス  " "

2)  Comes for Port Number   ポート ナンバー    " 10024 "

3)  Comes for Room name  ルームネーム  " JAPAN "

4)  Comes for  "Call sign"  コールサイン   ( Own call sing or what ever it is up to ten digits )                                                 10文字いか なんでもいいでーす。。。)

5) Comes for your  location or comment ロケーション

After filling  1) to 5) you are ready  to go, Connect the  mic of your PC and just click the " Connect " button.  マイクを つけて CONNECT ボタンを 押しましょう。。。 

Gateway settings comes like this.....


Basic settings are almost same and you need some audio settings unique to your rig side and PC side...


   Under construction...........................................


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