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Yamanashi LH 35

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             This is something about the citizen Band  ( CB ) Radios, for Japan mainly we have two types here, 26-27Mhz A3E 0.5w and UHF CB with 421-422-440Mhz F1D、F1E、F2D、F2E、F3E、F7W、G1D、G1E、G2D、G2E、G7E、G7W、D1D、D1E、D2D、D2E、D3E、D7E、D7W for 0.01w . You have limited power, few channels  and fixed antenna for what ever the situation. I sow that as the interesting part of  this LF radios.

My License free Radio call sign :    " Yamanashi LH 35 "   


Free License Radio Gateway Minami Alpes City

( Connected with sever over the eQSO)

Channel No:  L08

Tone (Scramble): 27

Transmitting Situation:  450m high from sea level

Power Source: Solar Cell 14v-0.8A + 12v/9Ah Battery

Status :     OFF Online




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