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HONDA  Super Cub Talks

   ‘You Meet The Nicest People on a Honda’

Most interesting Machine I ever met............Honda Super CUB,

Making its debut in 1958, the Honda Super Cub (also known as the Honda C100 or Honda 50) has become what is probably the most successful motorcycle in history, with over 60 million having now been sold worldwide


                                                                         Powered by a  4-stroke engine fitted into a revolutionary ‘underbone’ frame, the Super Cub soon became a firm favorite with motorcyclists the world over, renowned for its reliability and utility. By the early 1960’s the Super Cub dominated the small bike market and following the success of Honda’s famous ‘You Meet The Nicest People on a Honda’ marketing campaign, quickly established the manufacturers leadership of the small bike market.





    Here are some picture, One of my CUB Friends, Where I met him there at the Mt.Kushigata-Yama-1400m(2012/8/19) located in Minami Alpes City,  Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan .    Wonderful Custom  Super CUB you must see..... Almost designing and  customizing done by himself. Grate look and Grate stuff.

                                                                Nice Custom CUB Machine                                       





The CUB Rider......


 Lovely CUB.......







Another CUB...... 









One of  my favorite Touring events,





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