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Ootarumi Thooge-
Kitaokusenjyo Gatake
Mt Fuji
Mithsu Tooge
YatsuGatake-Amikaza Yama
YatsuGatake-Amida Dake
Minami Alpes- Hadaka Yama
Hakuba Dake ( Shiro Uma Dake ) - Photos



Tozan ( Mount Climbing )

Kits okusenjyo Gatake And Deep Forest

    This also the Part of my hobbies, have no long history for my mount life and also less experiences. Any way what I see the best things  of the hobby is 1) It will keep you in healthy  2) Is still you can explore the nature, I mean you feel son, moon and wind. Together with all of this facts it will help you to relax you physically and  mentally. Actually there are some critical situations  coming over to you, I mean bit dangerous paths strong winds, heavy rains, and also some wild life's. so that's what I mean INTERESTING. Our team Leader   JG1DGZ how is introduce me about this grate hobby and I really thankful to him. Well that's bit of it  lets have a look.


Ootarumi Thooge-Kitaokusenjyo Gatake
     This Grate mountain placed at  Yamanashi - Yamanashi shi, Japan, Just 30Km away from  my home area. you have three peek points on this trip,  for slow pase it takes 1and 45mins or 2hours  for top.  first you meet the Maye Kokushigatake,   you have quit open area covered by some big roks. and there is T joint for left and  right, Left is for Kokushi Gatake Peek 2592m. And the right side is for Kitaoksenjyo gatake is the Highest place of the bunch comes 2601m.. Grate location to visit! 



 Mt. Fuji

      We were four members, started  just near the 4th step of mount Fuji  in 4:00 am local time, 6 hours  and 45 minutes for the top.   lets see some pictures.





HakubaDake  ( Shiro Uma ) - Nagano Prefecture

                   The Mount Hakuba-Dake is located at Hakuba Mura, Nagano prefecture,  One of the major peek of the North Alps Mounts.  We are all four members with our group leader  "JG1DGZ" - Mr. Jyunnitirou.  Height comes 2932 in meters. Excellent place to visit, Lets look around.








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